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About us

We make complete game ecosystem, by matching large corporations with the brightest game startups.

As a corporate innovation partner, you'll have access to deal flows: Dealflows are one-on-one meetings between partners and game startups. 

The end goals of deal flows are pilot or proof-of-concept (POC) opportunities, investments, or acquisitions.


Futurinn was founded in 2020 with the vision to bring together the most promising game studio founders with leading innovative companies.


We are based in Istanbul with 19 programs

We understand your industry:

Blockchain, Gaming, Fintech and Web3

futurinn istanbul






Game Events


Based in Istanbul

futurinn istanbul

We have helped more than 400 studios, 500 founders from 3+ countries to succeed in embracing game industry within entrepreneurs, game developers, mentors, gamers, and ecosystem leaders.

The team

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Melih Gürel


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Julie Lemouton

Digital Marketing Lead

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Buse Şara Acınan

Program Specialist

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Damla Pekgöz

Community Advisor

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Bengü Sarı

Gaming Program Specialist

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Başar Kaya

Game Hub Advisor

»Futurinn isn't just an
Innovation company

We have the responsibility to influence positive change.«

This positive change concerns lgbtq+ communities, equal gender rights, ethnic and cultural identity.

Melih Gurel Futurinn gaming
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